This fucked me up big time.


Can’t get enough of how happy she is this season, love it, love how she smiles every time she looks at him, not just this episode, but throughout this whole season. I love how since they got together she can’t stop smiling around him, it’s so adorable, she smiled behind his back and covertly during previous seasons, especially during season 4 when it was obvious even more how much she loved him but wasn’t ready yet to give into those feelings and now look at her. I so love how they developed her character over the years to get her from closed-up person she was in season one to this open happy woman in love, just brilliant, best show ever, there will never be a show quite like it.

Yes she was closed up in Season 1 BUT so was Castle. Why do you think he would always put on his public persona after revealing his private persona?
He was avoiding emotional pain as much as Beckett and with more reason.
He simply understood and recognised Beckett for what she was far more quickly than she did of him
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